Half-time academic position as Professor in the field of Tax law, with a specific focus on large...

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Job Type: PartTime
Deadline: 09 Mar 2021

A half-time position is open in the field of Tax law, with a specific focus on large companies, at the Law School of the University of Liege. The Law School aims to recruit one candidate for the position which cannot be split and awarded to various candidates.

RESEARCH ACTIVITIES : The candidate is required to conduct outstanding research in relation to taxation of large businesses, including international aspects, in collaboration with the Tax institute. (For example : - the impact of the OECD BEPS measures or the EU ATAD directives on the taxation of profits of large companies in the Belgian legal order ; - coherence of international, European, national and regional anti-abuse measures in the field of taxation of large companies; - comparative law study of the transformation of national systems of taxation of large companies …). The candidate must be part of the collective research dynamic, in particular through active participation in the activities of the Research Unit to which he.she will choose to affiliate. The candidate is required to produce a research agenda covering the first four years of the position. A set of more precise research undertakings will be negotiated between the candidate and the research council after the hiring process.

TEACHING ACTIVITIES : The candidate will be required to teach various courses amounting to 85 to 95 teaching hours/year. The primary area of teaching will be : company taxation and tax procedure, with courses in the master’s degree in law and the advanced master’s degree in tax law. The candidate will supervise final master theses.

ACADEMIC SERVICE : The candidate will be involved in the life of the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology and the University of Liege, and may also be require to get involved in the community at large, in line with his.her expertise and in consultation with his/her hierarchical authorities.

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