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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 04 Jun 2021

As part of a portfolio of projects FEDER: “Algae Factory” which includes 5 research laboratories from three different universities: ULiège, UMons and UNamur, the project “VALOALGUE” aims at the "Preparation of photosynthetic biohybrid materials by encapsulation of microalgae for the production of metabolites of high added value”.

The technical tasks: The organization and participation in scientific meetings between the various partners of the project and the coordination and the drafting of scientific reports;

The specific scientific tasks :

  • The elaboration and development of a new series of chemical formulations: determination of cell density, porosity, chemical composition, chemical additives of photosynthetic biohybrid materials; their physicochemical characterization;
  • The study of photosynthetic activity, the viability of the encapsulated cells and the diffusion of metabolites out of the microcapsule;
  • The scaling up of the production of photosynthetic biohybrid materials with industrial raw materials and the recycling of used biomass as a precursor or additive in the preparation of photosynthetic hybrid materials;
  • Profil

    Holder of a doctorate or equivalent in the related field with an excellent experience in Biohybrid materials and a good knowledge on the culture of biological cells. The contract duration is 6-8 months which can be extended once). (Holder of a master's or engineering degree with an excellent experience in the field could also be considered, in this case, the contract duration can be extended to 8-10 months with the possibility of further extension).

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