Electronic System R&D Engineer embedded mixed-signal systems for health

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 03 Oct 2021

Develop advanced miniature electronic systems for healthcare and life science applications

What you will do

Imec has a strong experience and background in leading-edge circuit and system development for healthcare and life science applications. We are continuously looking at innovative solutions for existing as well as new application domains. We have a historic strength in vital signs recording with high medical grade quality at various places on or in the human body. Our team focuses primarily on high-performance, ultra-low-power and miniaturized analog sensor readout circuits and systems with embedded signal processing and analysis.

We are looking to expand our team with an embedded mixed-signal systems engineer for biomedical and life-science applications. Your primary role will be to develop advanced miniature electronic systems in a lean and agile manner based on state-of-the-art technology developed at imec. These will range from early feasibility studies and proof-of-concepts, over application demonstrators centered around imec-technology all the way to prototype/product development for external customers.

You will be responsible for the design, implementation and validation of low-power, high-quality electronic systems. You will translate application-level requirements into suitable architectures and design requirements. You will be responsible for analog, mixed-signal PCB design (schematic entry and layout). You will use commercial-off-the-shelf components as well as proprietary experimental imec technology. You will develop microcontroller firmware and/or programmable logic that operate the developed systems. You will verify your designs in experimental bench-top measurement setups, but will also contribute to initial application validation and small-scale trials. A lean and agile development and pragmatic approach are crucial to ensure timely results. Where needed design according to appropriate medical device and quality standards will be required. This job will allow you to be at the forefront of highly innovative research tracks within the healthcare space at imec.

Your tasks will include:

  • Embedded system design
  • Development of PCBs (analog-mixed signal circuits) including schematic design and layout
  • Implementing firmware on microcontroller
  • In some cases, implementing control and interfacing HDL on FPGAs
  • Design and implementation of test environments for sensitive, high performance biomedical circuits, including acquisition/visualization software
  • Develop signal analysis scripts (Matlab/Python)
  • Develop application demonstrators
  • Perform/contribute to small-scale trials
  • Perform experimental feasibility studies based on hardware you designed.
  • Designing with adherence to appropriate medical device and quality standards

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