Doctoral researcher with background in bioinformatics

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Deadline: 20 Mar 2023

The Hepatology group is an expert research laboratory with a strong track record using translational projects in studying the molecular- and cellular mechanisms underlying liver disease. Our group combines pre-clinical and clinical expertise with state of the art (single cell sequencing) technology to provide top quality research and to create a stimulating setting for bidirectional interaction between basic and clinical researchers. This research environment allows a fast translation of discoveries from bench to bedside with improvement of patient care as ultimate goal. Our group has focused on the role of macrophages and monocytes in the development of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. We further aim to interrogate how myeloid-derived cells in the circulation or from other organ sites contribute to cirrhosis-associated complications or disease progression in the liver. Within all ongoing projects, we combine single-cell transcriptomics with spatial validation as well as additional functional assays to unravel immunological or metabolic defects linked to disease pathophysiology. These insights in immune cell function and metabolism can aid in the design of novel therapeutic strategies for patients with liver disease.

Job description

We are recruiting motivated PhD candidates to help us achieve following goals:

to discover new therapeutic targets (using single cell (multi-)omics on surgical samples from human and mouse models) 

to perform bioinformatical analysis & biological interpretation on the data generated

to functionally validating these targets using in vitro & in vivo assays but also in additional patient cohorts

to participate in weekly team meetings to update your research results to your colleagues as well as to high-level seminars to disseminate your findings

to support the writing of papers and design and execution of experiments, etc.

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