University Professor Experimental Quantum Technology

Updated: 5 months ago
Deadline: 31 Jul 2019

We are looking for an internationally leading experimentalist working on the realization, manipulation and characterization of complex quantum systems with a vision of technological applications. Possible topics of research may include quantum-optics, -communication, -simulation, -sensing, -metrology, -thermodynamics, -many-body systems, and -information processing using photonic, atomic, ionic, molecular, solid state or hybrid systems.

The applicant’s trendsetting scientific profile shall complement and expand on-going research activities at the faculty of physics at TU Wien in the focus area “Quantum Physics and Quantum Technologies”. A connection to the central topics of the quantum flagship initiative is of advantage. We expect the successful candidate to be an international leader in one or several of the areas outlined above with excellent embedding into the global research community, the proven ability to lead an independent research team, and a demonstrated ability to acquire third-party funding.

The professorship is located at the Atominstitut ( ). We anticipate a close collaboration with groups working at the Institute, as well as at the faculty of Physics and other faculties of TU Wien. Synergies with the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology ( ), the Centre for Micro- and Nanofabrication ( ), the Special Research Networks (SFBs) and the doctoral schools (CoQuS, Solid4Fun) are envisioned.

We expect the applicant to be motivated and qualified to contribute substantially to the teaching (in English and in German) in the bachelor and master curriculum of TU Wien ( ) and to get involved in the academic management of the institute and faculty.

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