Professor of Law and Governance

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 May 2023

11 May 2023
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Karl-Franzens-University Graz

Human Ressources
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Juridical sciences » Other
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Leading Researcher (R4)

Application Deadline

31 May 2023 - 00:00 (Europe/Brussels)
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1 Oct 2023
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Not funded by an EU programme
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Offer Description

This professorship is part of the strategic positioning of the Faculty of Law, which includes the following objectives: innovation, interdisciplinarity and internationalisation. The professorship also complements the range of courses offered by the Institute of Foundations of Law. Furthermore, the Department of Global Governance at the Institute of Foundations of Law focuses on Human Rights and Minority Protection, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transitions, Legal Governance and Integration. The department also hosts and coordinates the Austrian Conflict, Peace and Democracy Cluster – a cooperation platform connecting the University of Graz with the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Schlaining, the Democracy Centre Vienna and the Institute of Conflict Research. At the same time, the faculty is creating a position that correlates with the legal history and sociology departments of the Institute of Foundations of Law, to the legal dogmatic core discipline of public law and the Field of Excellence “Dimensions of Europeanisation” at the Faculty of Law. The applicant is expected to work at the interface of law and social sciences and be able to monitor overall social developments from both perspectives. Emphasis is placed on teaching in the field of the Foundations of Law and a legal dogmatic core subject. Proven ability to conduct interdisciplinary research and teaching, especially in English, participate in national and international research networks, and attract competitive third-party funding is also required. We also expect gender mainstreaming skills.

Research Field
Juridical sciences
Education Level
PhD or equivalent

Employment requirements:
  • Austrian or equivalent foreign higher education degree corresponding with the position (doctorate/PhD)
  • Habilitation or equivalent qualification in a legal discipline, in addition to outstanding academic skills and knowledge in a social sciences discipline
  • Outstanding academic qualifications in research and teaching in the relevant discipline (commensurate with stage of academic career)
  • Skills in higher education didactics and online teaching
  • Gender mainstreaming skills
  • Skills in attracting subject-specific project grants
  • Professional experience abroad during academic career
  • Management and leadership experience
  • Very good knowledge of German and English
  • Skills in the supervision and guidance of early career researchers (desirable)
  • Leadership experience at a university
  • Ability to connect to the legal sociology and/or legal history disciplines of the Institute of Basic Sciences as well as to a sub-area of the legal doctrinal core discipline of Public Law
  • Ability to connect to the fields of research of the Department of Global Governance: Human Rights and Minority Protection, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transitions or Legal Governance and Integration, as well as to the field of peace and conflict research
  • Teaching experience at European and non-European universities
  • International and interdisciplinary academic profile

Additional Information

The minimum remuneration as stated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement is EUR 81.571,00 gross per year. Salary subject to negotiation.

Additional comments

The University of Graz is committed to increasing the proportion of female employees, especially in leadership roles. We therefore encourage qualified female colleagues in particular to apply for this position. In case of equal qualifications, women will receive priority consideration.

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Institute of Foundations of Law at the Faculty of Law

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8010 Graz

Halbärthgasse 8
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