Postdoctoral Researcher for the project "Novel laboratory techniques in clinical routine"

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 30 Nov 2022

We are looking for a highly motivated Postdoctoral Researcher for our project “Novel laboratory techniques in clinical routine” as part of VASCage C.

VASCage is a research centre on vascular ageing and stroke, whose main scientific activities include prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation studies. This COMET Centre (Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies) brings together the expertise of leading scientists and companies with the goal of promoting vascular health in the aging population, thereby extending lifespan free of disability. The open position is for the project “Novel laboratory techniques in clinical routine” aiming to establish NMR in primary and secondary prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases, improvement of cardiovascular risk classification and therapy optimization and monitoring. The advantage of this analytical method is it´s unique ability to allow both the non-destructive and the quantitative study of molecules in solution and in solid state, as well as to enable the study of biological fluids. A project-relevant advantage of this analytical method is it´s unique reproducibility and transferability allowing highest quality integrated targeted and non-targeted screening of bodyfluids and tissues.

We will focus on following main research objectives:

• Develop approaches and new biomarkers/statistical-models to assess health and biological age to enable disease prevention, early detection, prognosis and self-monitoring with emphasis on cardiovascular diseases and healthy aging.

• Investigate effects of comorbidities on cardiovascular status and development

• Develop approaches and new biomarkers for assessing cardiovascular Long COVID consequences to enable disease status analysis based on cardiovascular and other COVID related health effects, monitoring, guidance and prognosis

• Improve existing SOP for sample preparation and NMR analysis of faeces

• Validation of emerging biomarkers

• Generation of automatic analysis for new statistical models and biomarkers identified

• Transfer of results into clinical diagnostics with high sensitivity and specificity

Your qualifications:

• You should hold a PhD in Chemistry or Life Sciences and have a documented experience in NMR spectroscopy, metabolomic analysis, statistical data analysis and method developments in these fields.

• Personal qualities such as sense of responsibility and ability to independently perform duties as part of a research team will be valued.

• Mandatory experiences and skills include experimental laboratory work, scientific writing skills and ability to work in interdisciplinary projects.

• Well written and spoken English is required, German language skills are desirable

What We Can Offer?

This is a full time, fixed-term position for at least 3 years at the University of Innsbruck, Institute of Pharmacy / Pharmacognosy. The monthly salary will be in accordance with the Austrian Science Fund guidelines


For discussion please contact Ass.Prof. Dr. Sonja Sturm ( )

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