Understanding and Promoting Diet and Physical Activity in Cancer Survivors

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Location: Mount Lawley, WESTERN AUSTRALIA
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Project Outline:

Cancer survivors are living longer with improving detection and treatment techniques, so it is becoming increasingly important to develop strategies to improve their health into survivorship. Common cancer therapies have a range of adverse effects, which may include an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and impaired musculoskeletal health. A healthy lifestyle can help ameliorate these adverse effects, however many cancer survivors do not meet physical activity or dietary guidelines.

This research aims to understand diet and physical activity behaviours of cancer survivors, as well as the support they receive during and following treatment. It will also explore novel ways to evaluate and monitor cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health in cancer survivors, and how this can be used to promote healthful diet and physical activity behaviour change

Project Area: Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Cancer survivorship

School / Research Centre: Institute for Nutrition Research

Supervisor(s): Dr Jack Dalla Via, Dr Mary Kennedy, A/Prof Joshua Lewis

Project level: Masters

Funding: Applicant should apply for ECUHDR or RTP Scholarship

Start date: 2022

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