School leaders and school-based health professionals’ responses to the COVID-19 crisis

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Location: Mount Lawley, WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Project Outline:

Under normal circumstances, WA schools provide support for mental wellbeing and pastoral care through school counsellors, school psychologists and/or chaplains. The COVID-19 crisis has required schools to play a different role in maintaining and supporting physical and mental wellbeing of school community members. Consequently, this project aims to examine how school leaders, school administration staff, school psychologists, nurses and chaplains provided support for the school community’s physical health and mental wellbeing during the time of crisis.

Project Area: Educational leadership; student, staff community support

Supervisor(s): Dr Michelle Striepe

Project level: Masters, PhD

Funding: Applicant should apply for ECUHDR or RTP Scholarship

Start date: S2 2020

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