Research Scientist Digital Livestock

Updated: about 2 months ago

  • Develop and utilise digital technologies to support livestock research
  • Address industry challenges in sustainable production, animal nutrition, animal health and welfare, and reproductive efficiency
  • Join CSIRO! Australia’s national science and innovation agency

CSIRO Agriculture and Food (A&F) is Australia’s most significant science investment for its key primary production activities including cropping, meat and livestock, aquaculture, horticulture, food safety and processing, and value-adding.  

The Livestock and Aquaculture Program within A&F focuses on the breeding, health, monitoring, nutrition, production and sustainability of both the Livestock and Aquaculture sectors Nationally and Internationally. The Digital Livestock team develops tools and methodologies to assess and observe traits and events with relevance to the industry, including production and animal well-being. The team works closely with domain experts in algorithm development and software and hardware design and delivery.

As a Livestock Scientist you will be focussed on supporting innovative research to address specific industry problems. We use a range of digital technologies (motion sensing, geolocation, video data, computer vision) in conjunction with commercial technologies and environmental sensing infrastructure to support livestock research centred on the areas of sustainable production, animal nutrition, animal health and welfare, and reproductive efficiency. You will play a key role in widening our portfolio of digital livestock approaches, securing productive and responsible livestock farming in a changing environment.

The successful candidate will develop, manage and support existing and emerging digital technologies, implement new features and contribute new data sets. Expertise in computer vision and/or multi-modal data processing will be especially welcome.  The role will be suitable for animal scientists from a range of backgrounds with well-developed skills in coding or informatics/data sciences, or alternatively for data scientists with a well-established strong understanding and interest in animal production systems.

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