Research Projects Officer - Algae Culture and Genomics

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​​​​​​Undertake key scientific and technological activities
Contribute to the preservation of Australia’s algae culture collections
Join our motivated team at CSIRO and really make a difference!

The National Research Collections Australia (NRCA) are a vital resource for conservation and science. The collections underpin research in agriculture, biosecurity, biodiversity and climate change and are used by researchers all over the world.  The Environomics Future Science Platform is using genomics, bioinformatics and nanotechnologies, to reinvent how we measure and monitor ecosystem health, change and threats, and find new resources in nature.

As the Research Projects Officer – Algae Culture and Genomics with the NRCA, you will join the team at the Australian National Algae Culture Collection (ANACC).  You will contribute to the curation, physiological maintenance and strain characterization of ANACC algae strains and ancillary copepod cultures, and provide technical genomics expertise to the multiomics research undertaken in the Environomics Future Science Platform (FSP).

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