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The School of International Studies and Education offers extraordinary opportunities for teaching, learning and research in the humanities and social sciences. We recognise the possibilities of education as lifelong and life-wide; both in and out of formal educational settings and we offer courses that embed understandings of diverse places and spaces.

Our courses range from Bachelor-level courses through to Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, plus higher degree research, Masters, PhD and professional doctorates. We believe in a global perspective.

Our soon-to-be launched Bachelor of Criminology has been co-designed with input from industry and stakeholders and prepares students to respond to the changing nature of crime in the 21st century by addressing the realities of crime in an increasingly digital and transnational age.

Students will specialise in either digital forensics & security, data analytics & research, justice & legal studies, or forensics and combine studies in these focus areas with practical social science knowledge and skills needed for professions focused on crime prevention, detection, enforcement or the broader social implications and challenges of crime.

With unique majors, combined degree options and work-integrated learning opportunities, the course is designed with employability in mind.

Criminology is an expansion of the faculty’s course portfolio supporting the Faculty’s strategy to leverage the HASS-STEM nexus of a faculty of Arts & Social Sciences in a university of technology.

At UTS, we are committed to supporting positive social change within and beyond our campus equity purpose – we are recognised widely as supporting inclusivity and valuing diversity, reflected in a diverse set of social justice initiatives. Cited as a WGEA Employer of Choice since the inception of the award, UTS Equal Futures celebrates and supports women in academia through every stage of their career.

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