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  • PhD in genetics or other similar relevant research fields
  • Analysis of genetic data (individual and population) in the context of genetic biocontrol
  • Join CSIRO and be a part of a highly collaborative and cohesive team

CSIRO’s Health and Biosecurity is dedicated to conducting scientific research that develops products and services to address the complexity and interdependencies of human, animal and environmental health and biosecurity challenges to provide benefits to Australia and the world.

This is an exciting opportunity for a Geneticist familiar with the concept of genetic biocontrol/gene drives and a strong background in population and functional genomics/genetic modelling, required to design, implement and impact assessment of genetic biocontrol strategies, ideally in a mammalian context.

As a mid-level career scientist, you will lead a newly formed team developing and implementing novel genetic biocontrol strategies (including but not limited to gene drives) for the effective population control of established vertebrate pests, as a more humane alternative to lethal controls. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate internally within groups across CSIRO and externally with leading researchers in genetic biocontrol at the University of Adelaide and Macquarie.

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