Genetics of Lifestyle "GenStyle": The genetic moderation of the relationship between lifestyle factors and Alzheimer's disease phenotypes (3 project areas - multiple projects/area)

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Location: Mount Lawley, WESTERN AUSTRALIA
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Project Outline:

Undertake investigations looking at the impact of the interaction between genetic/epigenetic factors and lifestyle factors (namely sleep, physical activity and diet, including metabolic factors, eg. Insulin Resistance) on both the risk for developing Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and related clinical (memory performance) and imaging (atrophy and brain beta-amyloid burden).  Understanding the gene-lifestyle interactions can help ascertain what genetic factors underpin lifestyle associations as well as providing the initial steps towards individualised implementation of lifestyle interventions. Multiple a priori genetic candidates have been chosen for each research area, based on prior evidence with respect to the lifestyle area of choice as well as unbiased discovery-based approaches that will utilise large publically available datasets.

These studies will leverage extensive existing genetic (genome wide SNP and next generation sequencing), epigenetic (genome wide methylation) and longitudinal data from the Australian Imaging, Biomarker and Lifestyle (AIBL) study of Ageing. We have multiple projects on offer across many of the aforementioned lifestyle areas.

Collaboration: This project involves collaboration with the Australian Imaging, Biomarker and Lifestyle (AIBL) study of Ageing participating research organisations of which ECU is one.

Desired Skills: This project is predominantly utilizing extensive existing data. Whilst there will be within project skills development background skills and knowledge in data analysis is highly desirable.

Project Area: Medical Science (Neuroscience/Genomics)

School / Research Centre / InstituteCentre for Precision Health

Supervisor(s): Professor Simon LawsDr Tenielle Porter

Project level: Masters, PhD

Funding: Applicant should apply for ECUHDR or RTP Scholarship

Start Date: Ongoing

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