Flower power: unlocking the genetic and biochemical basis of flower colour in kangaroo paws

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Location: Mount Lawley, WESTERN AUSTRALIA
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Project Outline:

Using cutting-edge gene technology and an interdisciplinary approach, this ARC funded project aims to uncover the genes responsible for flower colour in the iconic kangaroo paws of Western Australia, and identify the compounds that produce the colours. The project expects to produce the first entire kangaroo paw genome and identify unique genetic variants and biochemicals underlying colour differences. Projects can be tailored in each of these areas working together with other team members.

Project Area: Evolutionary genetics /Genomics /Plant chemistry

Research Centre: Conservation and Biodiversity Research Centre (CBRC)

Supervisor(s): Dr David Field and Gavin Flematti (UWA)

Project level: Honours / Masters

Funding: No external funding

Start date: Any

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