Transplant Donation Specialist

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Job Summary:


This position procures, processes and distributes transplantable solid organs on a scheduled and on-call basis and coordinates donor recoveries on and off-campus.  Responsibilities include on-site O.R. support and scheduling provision of pulsatile perfusion in donated kidneys and reviewing and communicating donor history to the surgical team.

Job Duties:


  • Serves as a liaison to transplant center clients in the donation services area. 
  • Registers potential recipients onto the national waiting list for a transplant in accordance with federal policy. 
  • Coordinates the surgical recovery, allocation, and transport of transplantable organs.
  • Arranges non-transplantable surgical services for non-transplant surgeries and scheduled living donor cases.
  • Completes all documentation, communication, and data entry to ensure compliance with federal transplant and donation regulatory requirements.
  • Perform pulsatile perfusion on donated kidneys recovered for transplantation.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.
  • Education:

    Associate's degree in Nursing, Health Care Administration, Education, or healthcare-related field is required.




    Two (2) years of medical experience, including experience in organ/tissue transplantation and/or donations, or, experience in nursing (i.e. LVN, RN, etc.); or, an equivalent combination of education and experience is required.

    • Strong written and verbal communications skills

    • Ability to be on-call and/or travel when on-call 24/7

    • Coordination of patient care in medical or surgical setting

    • Strong computer skills

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