Call for promotion on professor and teaching assistant positions at University of Banja Luka,... (# of pos: 31)

Updated: 29 days ago
Deadline: 10 Nov 2022


1.1 General conditions for applying to a vacancy are as follows:

- citizen of the Republic of Srpska or Bosnia and Herzegovina;

- older than eighteen (18);

- medically fit for employment;

- no criminal proceedings are in progress against the candidate.

1.2 Shortlisted candidates, Ref. Roman numerals I and II are required to submit the following documents, as evidence that they fulfil the general conditions:

- certificate of citizenship (not older than six months);

- certificate from the register of births;

- work capacity certificate (work capacity certificates are to be submitted by the elected candidates prior to concluding the employment contract);

- certificate that no criminal proceedings are in progress against the candidate (not older than six months);

1.3 Documents referred to in point 1.2 of the Vacancy are not to be submitted by the candidates employed at the University of Banja Luka.

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