Tips for students to make friends in universities

Either you are a local or an international students, you may be starting your new social student life from scratch when you start uni. Below are some tips for making friends and make your uni life much more memorable:


1. Joining a student club, association or organisation:

These are great way to meet new people and share your common activity or interest. These activities also help to brush up your resume later on.


2. Obtaining balance

Now you are independent on your own without parent’s help, you also need to develop time and priority management. If you find most of the time you spend in lecture hall, study corner or in the library, it’s time for some fresh air and join in social activity. On the other hand, If you are a party girl/boy, remember one of the main task at university is study.


3. Seek for multicultural resources at colleges

Find out if your university offer programs for international students like clubs, events, social events, etc. for international students to connect with their peers.


4. Introduce your self with local students

Making friends with local students is a great way to improve your language and culture awareness. Introduce yourself to them, invite them to join your study group work/project.


5. Spend time with both local and international students

It is more tempting to stay sealed and stick with students from similar background to yours. Trying to equal the time spend for both international and local friends. This can be done in various ways like living in a non-international residence hall, joining campus organisations/clubs, or spending time with people outside your comfort zone.

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