Tips for a good scholarship resume (Curriculum Vitae / CV)

A scholarship resume is a very important part of your scholarship application to make you stand out from many other competitive applicants. Below are some tips to compose an attractive scholarship resume or curriculum vitae (i.e. CV). 

A curriculum vitae is a resume which highlights your educational, academic and non-academic history. Remember to highlight your academic achievements (awards, honors, prizes, scholarships, research and teaching experience), non-academic accomplishments (extracurricular activities, athletic record, community services), a global perspective (languages, study/research abroad, international course work, internships), leaderships skills and experiences, things that make you unique, etc. 

Keep the scholarship CV focused. You do not need to list everything you've ever achieved, focused on the accomplishments that are related to the scholarship that you’re applying for. 

The resume should have brief entries under various categories. One good approach is to list them by category not by chronological order. The list should be easy to read and follow and attract the reader’s attention. 

A good scholarship resume gives the impression of commitment to your areas of interest

Be honest, the search committee may be familiar with the organization that you included in your resume, so do not exaggerate or lie about your involvement or achievements. Do not include anything that you could not demonstrated if asked. 

Proofread your scholarship CV. It should be free of any  typos spelling or grammatical errors. Ask someone else to proofread it too. 

Do not use personal pronouns such as “I”, “we”. 

Personal information (such as gender, age, marital status) is irrelevant.

Do internet search to find more scholarship resume writing tips to compose your own version. The resume is a reflection of you and your abilities. It should be your own proud work. 

Here is a sample scholarship resume by Ronan School District. 

Kaplan Higher Education also have instruction of how to organize your scholarship CV.

Happy scholarship hunting !