6 mass spectrometry positions at Texas A&M University

  • Texas A&M University | about 10 hours ago

    function of membrane proteins, including their interactions with lipid and/or drug molecules, using ion mobility mass spectrometry (IM-MS) and other biophysical techniques. Assist group members with

  • Texas A&M University | 16 days ago

    , mass spectrometry, and X-ray crystallography. Some reactions may require inert conditions (Schlenk line or glove box). Participate in analyzing znd disseminating data results as part of participation in

  • Texas A&M University | 30 days ago

    for trace metal and mercury analysis, and Gas chromatographs Mass spectrometry (GC/MS), High performance liquid chromatography Mass spectrometer Mass spectrometer for organic contaminant analysis. Duties

  • Texas A&M University | 3 months ago

    Job Summary The program aide is responsible to help complete existing research projects on mass spectrometry analysis of pharmaceuticals in a local waste water treatment works. In addition

  • Texas A&M University | College Station, Texas | about 1 month ago

    biochemical analysis of a highly unconventional DNA replication stress checkpoint response. Learn and apply state- of-the-art high throughput(DNA-Seq,RNA-Seq,mass spectrometry) and reverse genetic methodologies

  • Texas A&M University | about 1 month ago

    keeping for Chemistry Department service center functions: Machine Shop, Glass Shop, X-ray Services, NMR Services, Mass Spectrometry, Network Software Development, Center for Chemical Characterization and

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