9 marine biology positions

  • Emory University | about 9 hours ago

    plate cryo-microscopy. Publications applicable to the projects associated with the position(s): C. M. Hampton, J. D. Strauss, Z. Ke, R. S. Dillard, J. E. Hammonds, E. Alonas, T. M. Desai, M. Marin, R. E

  • Technical University of Denmark | 5 days ago

    , advice and education at the highest international level within the sustainable exploitation of living marine and freshwater resources, the biology of aquatic organisms and the dynamics of ecosystems as

  • University of Maryland | about 10 hours ago

    to further its mission. IMET builds on the assets and capabilities of the former Center of Marine Biotechnology. IMET is located in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor and is a collaboration of three universities

  • University of London | London, England | about 21 hours ago

    to understanding Earth’s climate. This particular research position will focus on respiration coupled to particulate organic carbon (e.g. marine-snow and aggregates) and how that is linked to the cycling of nitrogen

  • Syddansk University | about 13 hours ago

    ), and the Marine Bioacoustics Lab (AU). The Sound and Behaviour Group studies the interface of behavioural neuroscience, biomechanics and physiology in vocal communication across a wide range of animals

  • Technical University of Denmark | about 4 hours ago

    fellowships in Marine Ecosystem Modelling and Physical Oceanography. The fellows will be employed at DTU Aqua (The National Institute for Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark

  • Utrecht University | about 21 hours ago

    carbon fluxes, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 481, 9-14, doi:10.1016/j.jembe.2016.04.001. Van Roij, L., Sluijs, A., Laks, J. J., and Reichart, G.-J. (2017): Stable carbon isotope

  • Columbia University | New York City, New York | 1 day ago

    Scientists to join the laboratory for research broadly focused on marine microbiology. Possible research focus areas include but are not limited to 1) Characterizing the mechanistic underpinnings of resource

  • Utrecht University | 14 days ago

    by its century-old university. Utrecht city has been consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the Netherlands. The Faculty of Science consists of six departments: Biology

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