15 renewable energy scholarships

  • University of Nottingham | Nottingham, Scotland | about 3 hours ago

    . Pericle Zanchetta (Electrical and Electronic Engineering). A key action to meet 2020 climate and energy targets to reduce greenhouse emissions and improve exploitation of renewable energy is the

  • University of Nottingham | Nottingham, Scotland | about 3 hours ago

    research project will develop new mathematical models of chemical and physical processes important to energy storage. Storage is needed to in order to manage the supply and demand for renewable energy

  • Eindhoven University of Technology | about 14 hours ago

    network operator with additional functionality to cope with the changing character of the grid associated with high penetration levels of renewables and distributed energy resources. The project will

  • The University of Southampton | Southampton, England | about 2 hours ago

    and undergo asymmetric cell divisions (ACDs) to balance self-renewal and differentiation programmes during development and homeostasis. However, the mechanisms controlling the division modes in mitotic

  • Leiden University | about 18 hours ago

    platform, based on a selective plane imaging microscope, which will allow you to measure, for the first time, the molecular identity of individual cells throughout intact tumors. By single-cell

  • Technical University of Denmark | 26 days ago

    Apply no later than 31 January 2017 Apply for the job at DTU Nanotech by completing the following form. Apply online Satisfying the demand for renewable, environmentally friendly energy is one

  • University of West London | Ealing, England | 3 months ago

    the relationship between cost-optimal and NZEB standards by assessing and comparing different energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. The Scholarship will offer: MPhil/PhD tuition fee waiver

  • University of Sydney | about 1 month ago

    interactions and self-assembly in polymer films, with relevance to designing new materials for sensing and solar energy capture. The student will be part of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science , and

  • The University of Southampton | Southampton, England | about 2 hours ago

    engineering fields, from renewable energy production to biomedical engineering. In some applications, such as wheezing of the soft pallet and optimizing fluttering energy harvesters, the structure can be

  • University of California | 2 months ago

    for the following academic year. HOW MUCH? $10,000 Stipend of up to $10,000 for 1 year. Non-renewable. DEADLINES 2016-12-15 AM I ELIGIBLE? Applications must be submitted by faculty advisor on behalf of the student

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