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Deadline   5/1/2015
Application deadline is the 1st of May, August, November or February. Support Documents Deadline is on the 15th of those months.

Description   The National Research Council (NRC) offers a 1-3 year associateship program for postdoctoral scholars to research at federal laboratories and institutions. This is a promising opportunity for graduates, postdoctoral scholars, and seniors to conduct scientific and technological research at a specific laboratory chosen by the applicant. Some participating laboratories include the Air Force Research Laboratory, the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, and the Army Aviation & Missile Research, Development, & Engr Center. 
Award Amount   Amounts vary according to the specific award. 
Disciplines   Life Sciences. Physical Sciences. School of Engineering. Health Sciences.  
Academic Level   Postdoctoral Scholar.  
Citizenship   Some laboratories have citizenship restrictions.  
Requirements   Research should be compatible with the interests of the sponsoring institution. Open to recent doctoral degree recipients who have held the doctorate for less than 5 years and senior investigators who have held the doctorate 5 years or more. Proposal must be approved by the prospective Research Adviser and endorsed by the Laboratory Program Representative or Program Committee of the sponsoring laboratory. PhD Dissertation Abstract (Postdocs only). List of publications. Previous and current research. 
Award Type   Fellowship/Grant 
Contact   Research Associateship Programs 500 Fifth Street, NW (Keck-568) Washington DC 20001 (202) 334-2760

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