PhD: Spintronics-based neuromorphic computation

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Description of the offer :

Technologies and devices based on artificial neuronal networks are the aim of the emerging field of Neuromorphic Computing. In one hand artificial synapses and neurons are the building blocks for computation based in human brain. On the other hand, reservoir computing is a computation derived from the theory of recurrent neural networks. The combination of spintronic (such as Pt|Co based multilayers) and metal-to-insulator transition materials (such as VOx) opens up a very interesting platform for the development of this technology. In a single multilayer it is possible to reproduce the spiking behavior of neurons (e.g., by triggering the vanadium oxide) and the synapses (e.g., by exploiting the magnetoresistance and coupling of the magnetic layers). The aim of the proposed research is to design, fabricate and characterize both spin based synapses and neurons for Neuromorphic and Reservoir Computing. The candidate will work in a highly interdisciplinary environment provided by IMDEA Nanociencia and will have the opportunity to work in strong synergy with several national and EU collaborators of the hosting group. The hired PhD candidate will be enrolled in one of the doctoral programs at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) or Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), she/he will have the opportunity to attend to international summer schools (as the ones organized by UAM, UCM, CEMAG, EMA, IEEE, Spintronic Factory, ….), to participate regularly to group’s and project’s meetings and to attend and present her/his own results in international conferences. Short or mid-term secondments at the EU partner’s institutions will be also set as function of the research/training needs. Eligible candidates must have not resided in Spain more than 12 months during last 3 years. More information on the topic is available at Applications can be submitted at Interested applicants should send their CV and motivation letter to Dr. Fernando Ajejas: [email protected]

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