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Postdoctoral Fellow
Evolution Ecology and Genetics, Research School of Biology, ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment
Position Level:  Level A
Salary Package:  $58,077 - $73,669 pa plus 17% superannuation
Reference:  A512-11MY
The Australian biota offers unique opportunities for illuminating ecological and evolutionary processes of worldwide importance. This project is investigating the chemical, biochemical, genetic and ecological basis of pollinator switching in Australian sexually deceptive orchids. Our investigation of this unique system will greatly improve our understanding of pollinator-driven speciation and produce vital information for orchid and pollinator conservation. The postdoctoral fellow will join a multidisciplinary team whose expertise spans the fields of evolution, pollination ecology, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology and natural product chemistry. The goal of this position will be to conduct high quality research on the transcriptome of orchids in search of the genes associated with floral odour production. These genes are likely responsible for reproductive isolation between species and are predicted to have played a key role in orchid speciation. An excellent record of publication in the relevant field(s), demonstrated willingness to work as a team, and willingness to undertake interstate and international travel is essential.
If interested please contact Professor Rod Peakall ( Ph +612 61250022.Firefox
Closing Date:  11 November 2011
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