Associate Dean for the School of Management

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Job Type: FullTime

Contract term:

An initial contract may be given for up to three years and can be extended based on successful performance.

Paid vacation (per year):

27 calendar days based on the Labor Law approved by the Republic of Uzbekistan. The full annual paid leave is granted after the first year if the Employee has worked for a full year, otherwise, the duration of annual paid leave is calculated in proportion to the time worked.

Description of University

New Uzbekistan University (NewUU) is Uzbekistan’s first comprehensive research university where research and education are integrated. Located at the heart of greater Central Asia, we are building the nation’s first autonomous institution as the country embarks to conclude its first decade of political and market economy reforms. In a long road ahead of making lasting transformations, the country aims to have its first globally ranked institution among the 1000 best universities in the world by 2030.

NewUU aims to become Central Asia’s premier university through an official partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Jameel Abdul Latif-World Education Lab (J-WEL) and Technical University of Munich (TUM) International. The Honorary President of NewUU is Professor Wolfgang Hermann, TUM’s president emeritus – one of the world’s leaders in higher education management and academic research.

There are four schools, one center, and twelve departments within the institution: 

  • School of Engineering with three departments: Mechanical Engineering, Chemical & Material Science Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering;
  • School of Computing with two departments: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence;
  • School of Humanities & Natural Sciences with three departments: Economics, Mathematics, Education;
  • School of Management with two departments: Industrial Management, Business Administration;
  • Academic Excellence Center with two departments: English, General Education 


  • Ph.D. degree from a reputed University in a discipline represented by a School of Management: Industrial Management, Business Administration or a closely related subject field;
  • Ideally, must have held Full Professor rank for at least 8 years;
  • International track record of research and professional achievements;
  • Excellent record in teaching/overseeing undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. programs;
  • Experience in working with international accreditation organizations is required;
  • Previous experience as Associate Dean of an internationally ranked university

About Management School

Management school is an educational institution specializing in management theory, leadership development, and practical skills training. Led by experienced faculty members with academic and practical expertise, Management schools deliver a curriculum covering areas such as strategy, finance, marketing, and operations. Research is a key component, with faculty and students engaging in projects exploring contemporary management issues. Experiential learning opportunities, including internships and case competitions, complement classroom instruction. Professional development services, such as career counseling and networking events, support students' career aspirations. Many management schools seek accreditation to ensure program quality and credibility. Rankings by various organizations help students and employers gauge program effectiveness. Ultimately, management schools play a vital role in shaping future leaders capable of navigating the complexities of the business world and making significant contributions to organizations and society.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The Associate Dean is responsible for strategic planning and the vision of the development of the School of Computing. Thus, it is expected that the Associate Dean of the School of Computing will contribute to the University’s Vision and Strategy:

  • Clarify, communicate, and implement the School's strategic direction through the Strategic Plan;
  • Actively support program and institutional accreditation and/or evaluation, consistent with University policy;
  • To oversee annual budget-setting for the School, in consultation with the Chief Administrative Officer;
  • Ensure that all School committees are constituted and operate regularly at appropriate times during the academic year;
  • Develop and continuously review student recruitment targets, consistent with University policy;
  • Collaborate with other Schools, Research Centres, and units on curriculum, research, and teaching to ensure efficient use of University resources

Faculty recruitment and development, School’s research and teaching activities: 

  • Ensure a fair, safe, and harassment-free work and study environment under NUU policies;
  • Continuously review plans for the staffing needs of the School;
  • Recruit high-quality faculty who can contribute to the University’s international research and academic impact;
  • Ensure faculty receive regular reviews of performance by University policy, and that action plans for continuous improvement are implemented;
  • Oversee active communication within the School;
  • Promote research integrity, ensuring that all School faculty and staff uphold research ethics when planning, conducting, and reporting research and scholarly activities;
  • Lead the School's national and international external relationships;
  • Consistent with university policy, encourage technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual properties developed by faculty and students;
  • Collaborate with other Schools to optimize teaching and learning resources, including sharing of courses and faculty resources, as appropriate;
  • Ensure that student feedback on courses and programs is communicated to faculty and that action plans are developed and implemented

The Associate Dean will also undertake any other duties and responsibilities required for the success of the School, in consultation with the First Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Dean.

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