Plumbing Service Technician

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Location: La Mirada, CALIFORNIA

Plumbing Service Technician

Basic Function and Responsibilities:

     Under the direction of the Plumbing Supervisor for the coordination and accomplishment of campus and off campus maintenance work, the Plumbing Service Technician will perform the duties peculiar to and normally required of the trade of Plumbing Service Technician, and follow recognized procedures and techniques for such work.  The Plumbing Service Technician will also perform a wide range of multi-trade activities beyond the scope of normal plumbing repair and maintenance activities based on work load and as determined by the Plumbing Supervisor and the ability of the technician.   to perform such multi-trade tasks. 

Essential Job Functions:

  • Inspects, installs, repairs, and replaces pipes, fittings, and plumbing fixtures to maintain the heating water, gas, and plumbing systems of the Campus. 

  • Inspects all connections and other parts of system for leaks.

  • Replaces defective pipe by cutting, threading, bending, and assembling pipe.

  • Repairs leaks by soldering, caulking, replacing defective pipe, and by other appropriate means.

  • Repairs and maintains piping systems and plumbing fixtures.

  • Opens clogged drains with plumber’s snake(s), vacuum plunger, or by other appropriate means.

  • Replaces washers or other parts in valves or taps that are leaking.

  • Repairs or replaces damaged plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, showers and bathtubs and/or connects them to outlet and inlet pipes by fitting gaskets, couplings, traps and valves, and soldering connections to seal joints where necessary.

  • As required, may estimate time and materials needed for various plumbing projects and record time and material expended on each work order order.

  • Test, repair and replace back flow preventers as required. 

  •  As needed, will assist other trades that have plumbing concerns as part of their responsibilities.

  • Keep supervisor informed of significant events and circumstances related to the technician’s responsibilities.  Also ensure that all communication with members of management, co-workers, students, staff, and faculty is accurate and to the point as it relates to the business at hand.

  •  Assist in after hours repairs and Emergency On-Call rotation.

  • Additional Job Duties:     

  •  As needed as skill levels permit, assist other trades in the overall maintenance of the Campus.

  •  Performs other duties as may be assigned, including but not limited to general building   maintenance.

  • Supervision Received:

          Trades Foreman

    Supervision over Others:



    1.  General

  • Maintain a lifestyle in consonance with sound Christian principles and those promulgated by the institution.  Participate in the spiritual growth, development, care of other employees assigned near this position.

  • Self motivating, ability to work with general direction and limited supervision.

  • Ability to instruct and lead unskilled assistants. 

  • Ability to read and write at a level appropriate to the duties of the position.

  • Ability to perform arithmetic computations in regard to plumbing responsibilities.

  • Ability to complete  and meet due dates.

  • Ability to communicate with customers and to cooperate with co- workers.

  • 2. Education

    Graduation from high school, and experience with produce skills equivalent to graduation from a technical trade school or recognized apprenticeship.  Also a minimum of one year of experience in related fields of work.

    3.  Job Skills

  •  In equipment handling:  be competent to handle the tools and equipment of the trades in a manner consistent with industry approved safety standards.

  •  In plumbing: have adequate knowledge of the standard practices of the plumbing trace including methods, materials and equipment used in plumbing installation, alterations and repair work. 

  •  Have adequate knowledge of plumbing ordinances and regulations contained in applicable building codes. 

  • Have the ability to work from sketches, diagrams, blueprints, plans and specifications.

  • 4.  Safety

          General knowledge of safe working practices in the trade; ability to follow safety practices and consider the safety of fellow workers and the public.

    5.  Experience

    Plumbing Technician requires two to three years of qualified experience of record.


    Must have a valid Driver’s license.

    Bend:  Frequently

    Squat:  Frequently

    Crawl:  Frequently

    Climb:  Frequently

    Kneel:  Frequently

    Handle Objects:  Frequently

    Push/Pull:  Frequently

    Reach above shoulder level: Frequently

    Sit:  Occasionally

    Stand:  Frequently

    Use Fine Finger Movements:  Constantly

    Carry/Lift loads over 50 pounds:  Frequently

    Read/Comprehend:  Constantly

    Write:  Constantly

    Perform Calculations:  Frequently

    Communicate Orally:  Frequently

    Reason and Analyze:  Constantly

    Construction Activities:  Frequently

    Contact with Water/Liquids:  Frequently

    Drive motorized equipment:  Frequently

    Confined Spaces:  Occasionally

    Elevator Work Location:  Occasionally

    Temperature Variations:  Frequently

    Must be physically capable of eight hours of sustained productive effort

    Hours Per Week: 40

    Months Per Year: 12

    Hiring Range: $28.01 - 31.00 per hour

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