Job Opportunities: Postdoctoral Position, Immunology Service, Department of Laboratory Medicine, NIH Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD

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The candidate will join the Immunology Service research program to carry out research in the field of PID/IEI and immune dysregulation disorders. The Immunology Service has astrong interest in defining and understanding the genetic causes of PID/IEI, especially those related to defects in transcription factors associated with immune cell development and function (e.g., IKAROS family, IRF4, and TCF3, etc.), susceptibility to specific microorganisms (e.g., fungi as pneumocystis), or inborn errors of metabolism affecting immunity (e.g., glycosylation). The candidate will be responsible for the developing and applying flow cytometry, cell and molecular biology tools to explore, decipher, and eventually rescue the defect using in vitro (e.g., transfection, viral transduction), artificial organoids and/or animal models (e.g., murine), to understand the pathophysiology of PID/IEI. Candidates with experience in working with T cells, B cells, or other relevant immune populations, using human samples human and/or organoids/animal models are highly encouraged to apply. There will be opportunities to work in an interdisciplinary team both in clinical and laboratory research settings on a variety of high impact, cutting edge projects.

The position is available as early as in October 2024 and offered for an initial term of 2 years, with the possibility of additional years based on accomplishments.


The candidate should have a PhD in Biology or related areas, MD, or MD/PhD with proven and productive previous research laboratory experience in the field of PID/IEI, Immunology or closely related areas. The individual must have effective communication, team working, problem solving skills, and adaptability to changes in technological and scientific directions. Preferences will be given to the candidates who have prior research experience of PID/IEI, handling human samples, working with primary cell cultures, flow cytometry, molecular biology tools (e.g., cloning, transfection, PCR, sequencing, western blotting, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, etc.) human organoids or animal model experiences. The candidate must have a strong background, and a strong interest, in human immunology and molecular biology.

Applicants should contact Dr. Sergio D. Rosenzweig ([email protected] ) for questions and for an interview. A CV, including publications and contact details of at least three references will be requested upfront. 

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