Hospital Lab Tech II - Pain Management - Santa Monica

Updated: 4 months ago
Location: Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA



Take on a rewarding role in a world-class health organization. Incumbent will be responsible for the periodic performance checks, maintenance and repairs of departmental anesthesia machines and other equipment use in the Procedural Suites as assigned. Other major duties include but are not limited to patient transport, cleaning of the procedural room suites, assistance to nursing staff in preparing patients for procedures, gathering supplies and equipment, maintenance of storage areas and performing necessary errands related to patient care. Salary Range: $31.82 per hour to $41.96 per hour



* Certification from vendor(s) in repair and maintenance of anesthesia machines preferred. * Skill in working independently and following through on assignments with minimal direction or supervision. * Ability to establish and maintain a cooperative working relationship with faculty and co-workers. * Skill in completing basic forms for interdepartmental information. * Ability to read, write, and communicate in proper English. * Skill in setting priorities which accurately reflect relative importance of job responsibilities. * Skill in completing assigned workload within established time frame. * Physical ability to lift heavy objects (at least 30 lbs.), push or pull heavy carts and handle anesthesia equipment carefully and safety. * Ability to be mobile for the entire work shift, if necessary. * Ability to take inventory accurately. * Ability to maintain inventory of supplies and equipment so that there is no interruption of services. * Working knowledge of infection control policies. * Working knowledge of procedural suite sanitation. * Knowledge of cleaning, sterilization and disinfection of anesthesia materials, equipment and machines. * Ability to use cleaning agents to clean, disinfect or sterilize anesthesia equipment. * Working knowledge of medical center policies and procedures to be used while handling contaminated materials and equipment. * Knowledge of function and use of anesthesia machines and other anesthesia equipment. · Skill in using electronic instrumentation such as oscilloscope, digital voltmeter, safety analyzer. Skill in working independently and following through on assignments. * Ability to read and interpret operational and service manuals and to follow maintenance and troubleshooting guidelines. * Ability to troubleshoot various types of anesthesia equipment. * Ability to communicate over the phone with service representatives for troubleshooting equipment malfunctions. * Ability to assemble and work with small components for repairs.

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