Development of infrared detectors and focal plane arrays for space instruments

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Location: Pasadena, CALIFORNIA
Deadline: 01 Jul 2024

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
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All applications must be submitted in Zintellect

Application Deadline
7/1/2024 6:00:59 PM Eastern Time Zone


 Infrared Photonics group is working on development of new generation of mid- and long-wavelength infrared imagers and spectrometers for future Earth and planetary science missions. These imagers, based on semiconductor detectors, will provide enhanced sensitivity, better spatial and spectral resolutions, and higher operating temperatures than currently existing technologies. These devices utilize novel unipolar barrier detector architectures as well as new materials such as GaSb-based alloys and superlattices. [1, 2, 3] The postdoctoral researcher will have an unique opportunity to work on different aspects of the infrared technology including: (1) Design and bandgap engineering of semiconductor superlattices; (2) Material characterization; (3) Device microfabrication; (4) Single pixel detector and focal plane array charactiriaztion; (5) Integration and testing of infrared cameras and spectrometers. The specific research project will be selected based on the researcher interests and experience.

1. Ting, DZ; Khoshakhlagh, A; Soibel, A; Keo, SA; Fisher, AM; Pepper, BJ; Hoglund, L; Rafol, SB; Hill, CJ; Gunapala, SD, "Long and Very Long Wavelength InAs/InAsSb Superlattice Complementary Barrier Infrared Detectors", JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, 3, 2022. 

2. Wenger, T, Muller, R., Hill, CJ., Fisher, A., Ting, DZ., Wilson, D., Gunapala, SD., and Soibel, A., “Infrared nBn detectors monolithically integrated with metasurfacebased optical concentrators”, Appl. Phys.Lett. 181109, 121(108) (202

3. Rafol, SB, Gunapala, SD, Ting, DZ, Soibel, A., Khoshakhlagh, Keo, SA, A., et. al, "Long wavelength type-II superlattice barrier infrared detector for CubeSat hyperspectral thermal imager", Opto-Electronics Review, e144569. 31(SI) 2023

Field of Science:

  • Technology Development


Alexander Soibel
[email protected]
(818) 434-3148

Applications from citizens from Designated Countries will not be accepted at this time, unless they are Legal Permanent Residents of the United States. A complete list of Designated Countries can be found at: .

Eligibility is currently open to: 

  • U.S. Citizens; 

  • U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR);  

  • Foreign Nationals eligible for an Exchange Visitor J-1 visa status; and, 

  • Applicants for LPR, asylees, or refugees in the U.S. at the time of application with 1) a valid EAD card and 2) I-485 or I-589 forms in pending status 


- Ph. D in Physics, Applied physic, Electrical Engineering or related area with detailed knowledge of semiconductors

- On hand experience with semiconductor device fabrication including photolithography, wet and dry etching, metallization

- Experience with electrical and optical characterization of infrared optical elements and detectors

- Excellent communication and writing skills 

Eligibility Requirements
  • Degree: Doctoral Degree.

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