Post-doctoral researcher on Skyrmionic Artificial Neural Networks

Updated: 2 months ago
Location: Manchester, ENGLAND

Description of the offer :

Job details and particulars here: -> There is a recognised need for ultra-low power and always- on sensory data processing and neuromorphic hardware is one of the most promising routes for AI applications. The project goal is to demonstrate that interconnected nanoscale skyrmionic-based systems are a viable candidate for energy-efficient smart edge-computing devices. -> You will be part of an exciting Horizon Europe consortium ( working towards building Skyrmionic Artificial Neural Network hardware. -> You will be part of a dynamic team in Manchester with access to specialised laboratory space for thin film deposition and magnetic/electrical/high frequency characterisation and a class 1000 cleanroom area and access to state-of-the-art facilities at the National Graphene Institute (for nanofabrication) and the Royce Institute (for X-Ray characterisation). -> The tasks will involve the growth and optimisation of ultrathin magnetic films and multilayers, that are tailored to enable the hosting of skyrmionics spin textures and the advanced characterisation of films, interface quality and magnetic properties. A further set of tasks will involve advanced lithography for nanofabricating devices. The postdoc (PDRA) will then use a combination of imaging and electrical characterisation (transport measurements) to investigate the operation of the devices, with multiple techniques. The project will involve skyrmionics materials optimisation and nanofabrication of devices in view of optimal devices operation, according to the project needs.

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