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The Basel Institute on Governance is an independent non-profit organisation working across sectors to counter corruption and related financial crimes and to improve the quality of governance. Registered as a Swiss foundation with headquarters in Basel, the Institute works globally and maintains field operations around the world. The Basel Institute is an Associated Institute of the University of Basel.

FALCON (Fight Against Large-scale Corruption and Organised Crime Networks):
Current evidence suggests that the global fight against corruption faces serious challenges. Policy decisions are not well informed and the corruption landscape is complex. Measuring corruption is so far mostly based on subjective approaches, and there is lack of appropriate technological tools to support anti-corruption.

To address these challenges, the Horizon Europe/SERI-funded FALCON Consortium will use a multi-actor, evidence-based, data-driven approach to develop and validate objective and actionable indicators of corruption that can inform policy decisions. FALCON will be piloted in four corruption domains – border crossings, sanction circumvention, public procurement fraud and conflicts of interest of politically exposed persons.

The Basel Institute on Governance will contribute to the Falcon Consortium by:

  • Mapping the landscape of corruption for modus operandi, impact, data, and policies.
  • Developing risk assessment, investigations, and decision support tools.
  • Promoting initiatives for capacity building, societal engagement, pilots, and evaluation.
  • Delivering impactful initiatives and activities.

ICAR (International Centre for Asset Recovery):

The Basel Institute's International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) works with countries around the world through case based technical assistance, training and legal and institutional reform advice to improve partner countries' capacity to investigate and prosecute large scale corruption cases with a view to recover stolen money. Building on its unique in-country experience with asset recovery, ICAR further contributes to global policy development by contributing academic and policy papers and actively participating in and shaping global policy forums and events.

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