Flow Cytometry Specialist (50%)

Updated: about 2 months ago

The Department of Biomedicine is a joint effort between the University of Basel and the University Hospitals Basel. It unites basic and clinical scientists to advance our understanding of health and disease and to develop pioneering therapies benefiting the lives of patients in areas of unmet need.

With more than 70 research groups and 900 employees, the Department of Biomedicine is the largest department at the University. We are located in the heart of Basel at 6 different locations. Be part of our future!

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility  is a state-of-the-art scientific platform offering DBM researchers instrumentation and technical and scientific expertise. We contribute to many translational and basic research projects, enabling the successful application of diverse current flow cytometry techniques. More than 300 researchers at the DBM are using ten flow cytometry analysers (four BC CytoFLEX and four BD Fortessas), six cell sorters (four BD FACSAria™III, one BC CytoFLEX SRT and one BD FACSMelody™), three high-end spectral analysers (Cytek® Aurora), an imaging cytometer (AMNIS® ImageStreamX Mk II), a nano particle analyser ( NanoFCM) and mass cytometry platform (CyTOF® Helios™ Mass Cytometer and Hyperion™ Tissue Imager). In our fast-paced and busy flow cytometry facility, our team of four experienced flow cytometry specialists delivers operator-performed cell sorting, instrument operation training, experimental design advice and data analysis assistance. We organise expert seminars and workshops, lectures and instruments' demos, and collaborate with the vibrant Swiss flow cytometry community to keep abreast of the advancements in our fast-developing field.

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