Senior Marine Megafauna Specialist - 12 month contract

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The focus of the role is the provision of marine biology and ecology, with a particular focus on large marine species known as marine megafauna, specialist services and advisory on ecological surveys, conservation projects and ecology inputs for Environmental Impact Assessment reports for development projects. The role will also require undertaking ecological research studies for conservation projects. The role will be a combination of fieldwork and report writing.

The employee will be able to prepare technical and commercial proposals, design, plan and conduct ecology field surveys, analyse data and compile technical reports to a high standard, following national and international standards and guidance. The role will require a high level of technical expertise and advanced knowledge of general ecology including marine megafauna in particular.

They will need to be able to co-ordinate, supervise and work with other team members on a wide range of project-based needs, tasks and deliverables and manage other specialists, mentor more junior personnel and coordinate remote field teams.

The appointed candidate will need to have extensive experience in marine biology (minimum 5 to 10 years), specifically in the study of large marine species such as dugongs, whales, dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles. It must have a post-graduation (MsC or PhD) in marine megafauna with and be a subject matter expert in at least one of the following:

  • Marine turtles;
  • Marine mammals;
  • Marine megafauna population assessments, tagging and tracking studies;
  • Marine Protect areas or Conservation areas management.

The Senior Marine Megafauna Specialist position will be largely centered on managing large ecological, conservation or impact assessment related projects, undertaking field work and reporting Marine Environmental Baseline Surveys (MEBS), marine megafauna monitoring including marine mammals and sea turtles or similar projects.

A proportion of the role may be field based dependent on the project’s needs, potentially in remote areas, although the position will be mostly  office-based with project management, team management, prepare

technical and commercial proposals, liaison with existing and future clients, data analysis, project planning, field work coordination and supervision and scientific publication drafting.

Office based work may include logistics, equipment preparation, data management / analysis and report writing, etc., as well as supporting the development of conservation or Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) and other technical documents.

Tasks may be varied tasks, depending on Project scope and specific requirements. The Senior Marine Megafauna Specialist may manage projects in their entirety, deliver the marine megafauna components of multidisciplinary Projects, work as part of a team run by another PM or (for longer duration projects) work on rotation with other PMs. However, they will often operate independently and be responsible for survey arrangements and achieving project objectives on schedule and in budget, with a focus on excellence. Survey teams will generally comprise small groups of specialists and / or field technicians working from small day vessels, although some surveys may be conducted from larger survey vessels or potentially over an extended period. Coral relocation or reef rehabilitation projects may require working as part of a larger team.

The ideal candidate should have project management capabilities, be experienced in leading marine field teams and be competent in standard marine field sampling and survey techniques. It is mandatory to have proved experience in marine turtle surveys including satellite tagging.

Building capacity is a major focus of KBD and the SeniorMarine Megafauna Specialist should also support the professional development of Saudi nationals and other field personnel who have shown a passion and aptitude for marine science and the environment.

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