Web software developer (python) (0,8-1 FTE)

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Deadline: 14 Jul 2024


Photonic chips, or PICs, will revolutionize the application of photonics in areas such as healthcare, communication, quantum and sensing. Integrated photonics has the potential to be a disruptive response to solving big societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

Company profile

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is one of Europe's top technological universities, situated at the heart of a most innovative high-tech region. The Photonic Integration (PhI) group performs leading edge research into indium phosphide semiconductor based technology for photonic integration and its applications and acts as a coordinator in JePPIX - European platform for photonic integration, a vibrant global ecosystem of designers and suppliers.

Together with University of Twente, TNO and PhotonDelta, TU/e has founded the Photonic Integration Technology Center (PITC), a center of excellence that underpins the ambition to strengthen the emerging integrated photonics technologies and ecosystem around those. The PITC works tightly together with universities as well as industry and bridges the gap by performing applied research and development activities. Our work is characterized by the combination of academic excellence and industry relevance, providing a strong real-world impact.

Project description

Photonics is widely regarded as the key enabling technology of the 21st century and its application and use in many scientific and industrial fields is accelerated though Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), which combine many optical components into a miniaturized chip format. In recent years, production of PICs has reached a level of maturity requiring automated management of processes during design, fabrication and testing.

As a result of such growth, TU/e-based PIC research and development is now supported by a vast digital infrastructure. The project is an online digital dashboard, which enables data sharing, validation, and exchange. It is a multi-party workspace for researchers, foundries, designers, test facilities and PIC-based product developers which aligns the supply chain and enables a seamless execution of the chip design, fabrication, and testing. The digital platform includes two Django-based websites with postgresql as a DB backend.

Thanks to the continuous progress of PIC-related research, the digital platform constantly requires design updates and implementation of new functionality.

Job description                                     

This position is for an IT specialist who will strengthen our team in further development, deployment and support of the digital infrastructure. For the web-platform, you will be working as a part of the JePPIX team and partners to define user workflows and implement them on the web server, both front- and back-end.


  • Contribute to design of workflows and user interfaces for the digital platform.
  • Develop, test and deploy the digital platform for the InP pilot line.

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