Seeking a few Senior Technical Scientists or Technical Scientists (K24012)(Quantum-HPC Hybrid Platform Operations Unit)

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Deadline: 14 May 2025

23 May 2024
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Computer science
Information science
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Recognised Researcher (R2)
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Established Researcher (R3)

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14 May 2025 - 23:59 (UTC)
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Not Applicable
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Offer Description

[Background of the recruitment and description of the project]
* Background of the recruitment and description of the project
[Research field]
The RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS), led by Center Director Satoshi Matsuoka, is an international hub for computational science that promotes “science of computing, by computing, and for computing.” R-CSS positions the technology in which RIKEN has strengths (R-CCS technology) and the software developed by RIKEN that contributes to science, technology, industry, and society (R-CCS software) as its “core competence in computational science driving science as a whole.” R-CCS aims to develop these technologies, disseminate them domestically and internationally, and produce results. In addition, R-CCS utilizes its expertise to operate the supercomputer Fugaku, developed as Japan’s national project, in accordance with relevant ordinances.

The Quantum-HPC Hybrid Platform Division (Quantum-HPC PF Div. ) was established on April 1, 2023. We aim to design and develop a Quantum-HPC Hybrid platform, which will serve as a new computational infrastructure to extend the computable domain by highly linking a Quantum Computer (QC) and a supercomputer (HPC). The missions of the Quantum-HPC PF Div. include the development of software stacks required to realize the Quantum-HPC Hybrid platform and the improvement of the platform's usage environment.

The Quantum-HPC PF Div. has three units:
1)Quantum-HPC Hybrid Software Environment Unit
2)Quantum Computing Simulation Unit
3)Quantum-HPC Hybrid Platform Operations Unit

The Quantum-HPC Hybrid Platform Operations Unit shall develop and operate the environment of the quantum HPC platform. It will also develop and upgrade the usage environment to promote common use of both for users.

[Keywords] Quantum Computer,Quantum Classical Hybrid

* details of the business
RIKEN is Japan's largest and most comprehensive research organization for basic and applied science.

[Work content and job description]
In accordance with the research project of NEDO “Research and Development of Quantum-Supercomputer Hybrid Computing Platform for Exploring Computable Regions” (PI: Mitsuhisa Sato (RIKEN), Research Period: November 2023 – October 2028), we will develop and operate the environment of the“Quantum-HPC Hybrid platform”. In addition, we will develop and upgrade the usage environment to promote common usage of both for users. Specific research and development themes are expected to include the following.

・Development of a data center environment for introducing a quantum computer (QC) and researching and developing a hybrid environment with a supercomputer (HPC).
・Development and operation of a system to connect the quantum computer (QC) and the HPC system, including the supercomputer Fugaku via a high-performance network and to collaborate them at a high level.
・Development and operation of a system that enables concurrent use of the quantum computer and HPC systems connected by a wide-area network.
・Developing and operating a user management system to promote using the QC and HPC collaborative environment.
・Development and maintenance of a system and software environment that enables existing HPC users to use the quantum computer without problems.
・Design a system to make QC and related systems available to RIKEN, associated projects, and the general public.

They are also expected to contribute to the management of the department. In particular, the Senior Technical Scientist is expected to assist the Unit Leader, play a leadership role within the Unit, and make a significant contribution to the department and unit operations.

Any changes in duties during the contract period or at the time of contract renewal will be within the scope of the above job description.

* Assigned department
Existing departments

[Work location]
* Address
650-0047 Hyogo 7-1-26, Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku,RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) (Kobe Campus – South)
R-CCS Wako Branch (Wako Campus)
2-1, Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama, 351-0198, JAPAN

Work location is to be adjusted according to the content of the R&D to be conducted, etc.

RIKEN has implemented a work-from-home system. Employees can work from home in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
Employees may be transferred to other locations when necessary to perform duties, in accordance with relevant regulations.

[Number of hired]
Number of hired:1 person(s)
Number of hired description:Job title
Senior Technical Scientist or Technical Scientist: a few positions

The Quantum-HPC Hybrid Platform Operations Unit has two open calls for research projects: one is K24012, which is externally funded, and the other is R-CCS2319, which is funded by external funds and will be continued after the end of the external funding period to carry out other projects including externally funded themes. Please contact the Unit Leader (see below) in advance and consult with him as to which of the two proposals you would like to apply for, based on the research project to be conducted.
Job content supplemental explanation:Start of Employment
At the earliest opportunity (subject to negotiation)

Additional Information

Annual salary:5 million yen
Wages description:Salary will be an annual salary based on experience, ability, and performance, and will consist of a base salary and a variable salary. The variable salary will be determined each fiscal year based on experience, ability, and performance. The monthly base salary is 433,800 JPY for Technical Scientist and 484,100 JPY for Senior Technical Scientist as of April 1, 2024. The monthly base salary and variable salary are subject to change due to amendments to RIKEN regulations.

Discretionary work, commuting and housing allowances will be provided. Social insurance will be applied.

The approximate amount of annual salary at the time of employment:
The monthly salary including discretionary work allowance at the time of employment will be more than 487,575 JPY for Technical Scientist and 544,115 JPY for Senior Technical Scientist.
Working hours:09:00-17:20
Break time:12:00-12:50
Holidays :Days off include public holidays, New Year’s holidays (Dec. 29 – Jan. 3), and RIKEN Foundation Day.

Paid leave includes annual paid leave (up to 20 days per year depending on the month of employment), special paid leave (childcare, family nursing care, etc.), and work-life balance holidays (up to 7 days per year depending on the month of employment).
Overtime and other explanations:This position falls under the specialized duties discretionary work system; one working day will be calculated as 7 hours and 30 minutes.
Employment type:Contract employee
Employment type description:Senior Technical Scientist or Technical Scientist
Contract period:Nontenured
Contract period description:1.One-year fixed-term employment contract, renewable based on evaluation, but not beyond the end of October, 2028.
2.RIKEN may adjust the above maximum period of renewability based on a) the employee’s abilities, work load at the time of contract completion, performance and work attitude and b) the continuation of the employee’s center, laboratory or project and RIKEN’s management situation and budget at the time. In principle, employment contracts will not be renewed for individuals older than 70 years.

RIKEN has indefinite-term positions, which are subject to the mandatory retirement age of 61. There is a subsequent re-employment program allowing hiring until age of 65. Any scientists, including fixed-term employees who have been hired through this open call, are eligible to apply to open calls for indefinite-term positions.
Probationary period:Probationary period present
Probationary period description:In principle, the first two months of employment is considered a trial period.
There is no change of working conditions.

[Various systems]
Pay increase system:Salary will be an annual salary based on experience, ability, and performance, and will consist of a base salary and a variable salary. The variable salary will be determined each fiscal year based on experience, ability, and performance.
Transportation expenses:available
Others:Mandatory membership in the RIKEN Mutual Benefit Society (RIKEN Kyosaikai).
There are also additional leave systems such as maternity leave, childcare leave, and family nursing care leave.

Employees' Health Insurance:available
Employees' Pension Insurance:available
Worker's accident insurance:available
Employment insurance:available

[Measures for preventing passive smoking at the workplace]
No smoking on site.

[Supplementary explanation of compensation]
The Kobe Branch has an on-site daycare, Po-I Kids Kobe.
For details, please send an email to the HR at kobe-kosei [at]
The Wako Campus has an on-site daycare, RIKEN Kids Wako.
For details, please send an email to the HR at kids [at]

RIKEN is actively undertaking initiatives to promote gender equality and diversity, and moving forward with the establishment of a diverse and vibrant research environment. If multiple candidates are found to have the same aptitude following a fair assessment, active efforts will be made to recruit female candidates.

Also, eligible for applying for the MEXT Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi).

Additional comments

Handling Personal Data
Submitted documents are strictly protected under the RIKEN Privacy Policy and will be used only for the purpose of applicant screening at RIKEN. Personal information will not be disclosed, transferred or loaned to a third party under any circumstances without just cause.

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