Postdoctoral researcher in Magnetic Metamaterials

Updated: 2 months ago

Description of the offer :

The University of Iceland seeks applicants for two postdoctoral researcher positions within the field of magnetic metamaterials. The positions are funded for up to two years by the Icelandic Research Fund. Magnetic metamaterials feature in various emerging technologies including artificial spin ice and brain- inspired computing, where coupled magnetic nano-oscillators are used to mimic the neurons in our brains. Such neural networks are highly efficient at recognition, classification and prediction tasks and could consume less energy in performing these tasks than current computing schemes. Within this project the postdoctoral researchers will work on the development of an experimental framework for the control of magnetic ordering and dynamics in magnetic metamaterials. The researchers will explore ways to utilize collective phenomena in systems composed of magnetic islands arranged in specific patterns, which exhibit magnetic properties beyond those of their individual constituents. The work will involve thin film deposition and patterning, as well as structural and magnetic characterization of magnetic films and nanostructures at local and international facilities.

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