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Deadline: 01 Mar 2024

30 Nov 2023
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Renaissance Fusion
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Leading Researcher (R4)

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1 Mar 2024 - 23:00 (UTC)
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To be defined
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Offer Description

Renaissance Fusion is the first Magnetic Confinement Fusion company in the EU. We are building the first net-energy producing stellarator by combining proprietary innovations in modular design, the manufacturing of next-generation High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) magnets, and liquid-metal (LM) walls. We are forming a team of the brightest, most driven scientists and engineers to realize and commercialize our non-fusion products within 2 years and integrated fusion solutions within 10 years.

Specifically, we are looking for a dynamic, forward-looking CFO to lead the company from a financial and fund-raising perspective, with a proven ability to scale up company valuations, preferably in deep-tech. Three intertwined elements will be crucial: continuous financial planning, a vision for company valuation growth, and exceptional fund-raising skills. Given the peculiarities of commercial fusion (similar to other long-term energy developments, but characterized by higher technological risk and higher reward) we will appreciate a creative mix of corporate and project financing. The CFO will work closely with the CEO and the other C-suite members.

Our team is young, agile, international, and based in the exciting city of Grenoble, by the French Alps.

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Develop financial models of the company and its subsidiaries (including sensitivity analyses), continuously revise them it in the light of new information and opportunities, and advise the rest of the team accordingly
  • Develop and implement a financial strategy to achieve the financial objectives agreed with the shareholders and the C-suite
  • Engage and interact with external fund-raising agents if and when necessary
  • Plan, coordinate and execute the company’s fund-raising activity:
          - determine optimal capital-structure
          - identify promising sources of debt and equity
          - work with internal and external teams to raise funds from said sources
          - adopt a strategic project-management approach to monitor and accelerate progress
  • Oversee the company’s fiscal activity (budgeting, quarterly and yearly reporting, auditing) and interact with the chartered accountant and external auditor appointed by Renaissance Fusion
  • Review financial reports for ways to reduce costs, maximize value and meet other short- and long-term financial goals
  • Participate in high-level strategic decisions and make recommendations in the interest of maximum growth in company valuation
  • As treasurer of the company, provide the necessary support to the purchasing team
  • Set aggressive but realistic financial goals (both short- and long-term) in agreement with the shareholders and C-suite
  • Contribute to the financial aspects of French and international grants
  • Oversee the recruitment of direct reports
  • Identify and address financial risks and opportunities
  • Participate in updating and improving the business plan, especially its financial parts

You are the ideal profile if:

*Education and professional experience

  • Master’s degree in business administration, economics or related discipline
  • 8+ years of experience in financials
  • 2+ years of experience in senior management position
  • 5+ years of experience in financial planning and sensitivity analysis, budget management, accounting, cash-flow management and related topics
  • Experience in long-term, high-risk businesses and proven ability to de-risk them and complete them on time and on budget
  • Experience in company valuation, e.g. for mergers and acquisitions

*Language requirements

  • Fluent in English (C2)
  • Good knowledge (B2 or higher) of French

*Technical competencies

  • Solid financial and accounting knowledge, including an understanding of profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow management and general finance and budgeting
  • Strong background in corporate finance, familiarity with project finance
  • Proven track record of :
          - successful exemptions with regards to Crédit d'impôt recherche (CIR), Jeune Entreprise Innovante (JEI) and other French tax exemption mechanisms
          - fundraising for large, complex, multi-million projects in an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial context
  • Proven negotiation skills

*Qualifications -desirable

  • Previous experience as start-up co-founder or in joining and co-leading a start-up in its early stage
  • Previous experience in valuation of intellectual property and technical know-how
  • Experience in one or more of the following: energy, deep-tech, impact-tech, clean-tech, green-tech, med-tech or in related R&D-intensive fields like pharma, aerospace, semiconductors etc.

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Renaissance Fusion

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