Doctoral researcher, EDUCA Flagship Doctoral School Pilot Project (EDUCA)

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Deadline: 22 Apr 2024

Doctoral Researchers for EDUCA Flagship Doctoral School Pilot Project (EDUCA)

The University of Helsinki is currently seeking to fill 236 three-year positions for doctoral researchers. These positions are part of a national initiative in doctoral education and are available within various doctoral education pilots. The appointments are set to commence on August 1, 2024, or on January 1, 2025.

As a doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, you will conduct your doctoral research as part of an international scientific community under the guidance of top researchers in your field.

The main thematic foci in EDUCA-Doctoral school pilot contain the following four research areas of the EDUCA Flagship, or cross-cutting policy enactment topics on these areas on the local, regional or national level:

  • Assessment of the impacts and enactment of education policy reforms and interventions in early childhood education and care (ECEC) and compulsory education, as well as research on education supporting the development of Finnish educational system utilizing approaches from a range of scientific fields including economics, education, psychology, sociology, and administrative science.
  • Analysis of ways of addressing learning variability in effective learning interactions and in adaptive support in various learning contexts. Research on variability in learning focuses on advancing understanding of the complex mechanisms and interactions of individual, group-level, and contextual factors in learning in ECEC and compulsory education and home environment.
  • Investigation of scalable digital solutions for learning and teaching. EDUCA-Doc involves research on  tracing learning variability at individual and group levels in technology-enhanced contexts to develop adaptive solutions and future learning scenarios for preschool and compulsory education.
  • Promotion and analysis of professional competences of teachers and principals needed for effective future learning. Research in this area includes inquiry on effective education programmes and support for professional learning, competences and occupational well-being of pre- and in-service teachers and principals, including co-creation of learning environments, and pedagogy preparing educators for future learning and teaching, and activities for building a learning community.
  • The dissertations of the EDUCA- Doctoral school pilot doctoral researchers should focus on research related to at least one of the EDUCA Flagship themes above.

    Qualifications and Responsibilities

    We are looking for motivated candidates who have demonstrated their capabilities in previous studies and are committed to completing their doctoral degree within the targeted three-year timeframe. Your responsibilities will include conducting research for your dissertation and completing the doctoral degree according to the curriculum of the doctoral program. Additionally, you may be involved in teaching and other duties, accounting for up to 5% of your annual working time.

    We Offer:

    • Opportunity to work in an international, multidisciplinary research community
    • High-quality research infrastructure and support services
    • Comprehensive support for initiating and advancing your research
    • Competitive salary (starting salary typically 2,400–2,800 €/month, depending on the appointees’ qualifications and experience), along with benefits such as healthcare and other employee benefits
    • Assistance with integration into Finland and the University of Helsinki community

    Application Process and Selection Criteria

    You may apply through two pathways:

  • Applicants applying through the first pathway are required to have:
    • A research plan drawn up in collaboration with the supervisor 
    • Supervision plan drawn up in collaboration with the supervisor 
    • A study right for a doctoral degree awarded no earlier than 1.11.2023 OR a stage of studies that allows the candidate to be awarded a right to study for a doctoral degree  during the probationary period, i.e. within six months of the start of employment 
  • Applicants applying through the second pathway are required to have:
    • An example of a research idea and a related concept paper. Candidates who progress to the next stage of the call will have the opportunity to apply for a supervisor and complete their application with an actual research and supervision plan at a later stage. 
    • A stage of studies that allows the candidate to be awarded a right to study for a doctoral degree  during the probationary period, i.e. within six months from the start of employment 
  • The selection process will consider:

    • Suitability of the research plan to the chosen pilot project
    • Quality and feasibility of the research plan within the three-year timeframe
    • Planned connections to the professional world and the significance of the position for the applicant's career after completing the doctoral degree
    • Feasibility of completing the dissertation within three years, as demonstrated in the supervision plan

    Additionally, we expect from all applicants:

    • Commitment to three years of intensive and full-time work
    • Strong motivation and previous evidence of the ability to achieve results and complete the project on schedule
    • Creativity along with the ability for analytical and conceptual thinking, a determined and independent work approach, collegiality, the ability to engage in constructive collaboration with others, and inspire others
    • Fluent oral proficiency in English and the ability to write scientific texts in English
    • The appointed doctoral researchers are expected to reside in Finland, though temporary research visits abroad are possible. If relocating, employment can only begin after arriving in Finland.

    In addition, there may be consortium-specific requirements or specifications, which are listed in the application instructions online.

    Application Instructions and Deadline

    Please review the application instructions carefully and submit your application no later than April 22.

    Please note that as part of the selection process, we utilize an online competency assessment for all eligible applicants. Please ensure that you allocate approximately one hour between April 27 and April 29 (EEST) to complete the test.

    The University of Helsinki is committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our operations. We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds, including different genders, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and minority groups.

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