Staff scientist at the Department of Food Science: Mass spectrometry (omics techniques) and analytical chemistry

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 12 Jul 2024

The Department of Food Science is seeking applications for a staff scientist/academic employee (AC-TAP). The position includes scientific, administrative as well as teaching duties at the Department of Food Science within molecular biology and omics techniques. The intended start date for this appointment is 1. September, or as soon as possible.

The candidate

The candidate is expected to contribute to:

  • A central unit focusing on LC-MS-omics techniques
  • Running samples for the whole Department on TimsTOF (Bruker)
  • Maintenance and management of TimsTOF (Bruker) and IM-QTOF (Agilent) mass spectrometer
  • Maintain bioinformatic tools related to proteomics and metabolomics
  • Perform data analysis and interpretation
  • Assist users/students in sample preparation for MS-analysis
  • Assist students and Postdocs in data analysis and interpretation
  • Help with bioinformatics
  • Participate in teaching of relevant laboratory courses in food chemistry 
  • Deliver on various duties related to the Department of Food Science

The candidate will be part of a team, and will be working across research projects, as aligned to a range of senior academic staff (as principal investigators) in the Department to support on delivering research excellence. Focus will be to analyze samples for food chemical analysis, composition and validation of components, within the food and ingredients area, within novel and existing products, such as dairy, meat, a range of alternative protein sources, colorants etc.

The priority area will be expertise on the LC-MS (TimsToF and IM Q-ToF), but other methodologies such as GC-MS (MSD and QToF), and Maldi ToF-ToF will be included, and different spectroscopic techniques including ESR, fluorescence spectroscopy, and FT-IR are also possible. The candidate will hold specific responsibility areas, and shares some of the daily duties in maintenance of the instrument park at the Department related to analytical chemistry.

We offer a challenging and independent job opportunity in an ambitious and inspiring research and education environment with an informal atmosphere. We are looking for a dynamic employee who is able to work independently and maintain an overview during periods of high workload. We expect that you are efficient at planning your time and organizing major tasks. You enjoy interaction with both scientific staff, students and technical-administrative staff and you have an ability for establishing collaborative relationships.


The successful candidate must have:

  • a PhD degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, food science, analytical chemistry or similar
  • a solid understanding of protein chemistry, analytical chemistry, MS-omics techniques and bioinformatics
  • a strong background in mass spectrometry instrumentation, software for instrument control and data processing (e.g. Mass Hunter, Mass Profiler Professional, TimsTOF Control, ProteoScape, MetaboScape, TASQ) as well as experience in implementation of advanced experiments
  • hands-on experience in running, maintenance and troubleshooting of highly advanced mass spectrometry and HPLC equipment, priority will be given to experience with TimsToF. 
  • a good technical understanding of mass spectrometry and experience in ion-mobility in combination with MS is considered a plus
  • hands-on experience in quantitative proteomics as well as validation of analytical MS methods are considered a plus
  • experience in nutrition is considered an advantage

The Department of Food Science

The Department of Food Science is part of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University and includes research within the areas Food Chemistry and Technology, Food Quality, Food Metabolomics and proteomics, Sensory Science, Biofunctional Food, Systems Biology, and Plant Production. The Department currently employs ca. 140 full time staff, including 30 senior academic staff, ca. 80 PhD students and Postdocs, and ca. 30 technical and administrative staff. In addition, there are ca. 60 bachelor and Master thesis students and ca.  30 visiting students and staff, who together contribute to an international research environment where English is the preferred language in the laboratory, at meetings and at seminars.

The Department works in teams and therefore self-leadership, clear and open communication, success in mentoring, supervising and teaching are important qualities needed to be successful in the Department. In addition, the Department has a strong culture that is based on openness, equality, consultation, inclusion and contributing to the Department strategy and working environment are viewed as important.

Please refer to Department of Food Science, Aarhus University ( for further information about The Department of Food Science at Aarhus University.

Place of Work and area of Employment 

The place of work is Agro Food Park 48, Aarhus N, Denmark, and the area of employment is Aarhus University with related departments. Teaching activities are primarily conducted at AU-Campus, Aarhus.

Living in Denmark

Please visit the International Centre website (

) for information about arriving and living in Denmark.

For further information contact Professor Trine Kastrup Dalsgaard, phone: +45 22410921, e-mail: [email protected] .

Application procedure

The application must be in English and include curriculum vitae, degree certificate and a description of previous relevant experience. The application should include the names and e-mail addresses of three people who can provide a letter of reference.

The application deadline is: 12. July, 2024.
Interviews are expected to be held in Weeks 31.

Questions? For further questions, please contact Head of Department Michelle Williams:[email protected]

The interview will be held in a combination of English and Danish, which will reflect your everyday in the Department.

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