Systems Analyst - Farming Systems Agronomy

Updated: 5 months ago

  • Investigate the impacts of innovative crop management strategies to improve productivity and input-use efficiency
  • Compile, organise, analyse and interrogate large complex data sets arising from farming systems experiments
  • Design and conduct field based agricultural research experiments

CSIRO is Australia’s National Science Agency and is one of the world’s largest and most successful publicly funded research and development organisations. We deliver world-class science and outcome-focused research that generates economic, environmental, and social benefits for Australia in a global context. We have improved the lives of many around the world through our research and developments including BARLEYmax, WiFi, the Hendra virus vaccine, advances in atmospheric dynamics and predictability, simulations of marine ecosystems dynamics, and the Total Wellbeing Diet. 

CSIRO Agriculture and Food is Australia’s most significant science investment for its key primary production activities including cropping, meat and livestock, aquaculture, horticulture, food safety and processing, and value-adding. We apply world class multidisciplinary science, technology and facilities, relevant IP and global networks across the value chain to create healthier, trusted, safer and more sustainable food and fibre for the future. 

The CSIRO Systems Program works in partnership with rural industries, communities, and governments to deliver improvements in agricultural productivity and profitability whilst minimising environmental damage.  The core of the Program’s science lies in better understanding and managing soil-plant-animal interactions that underpin productive, profitable and sustainable farm businesses. Using combinations of experimentation, modelling and monitoring of plot- and farm-level experiments we seek to address farm productivity by developing novel approaches and interventions for the sustainable intensification of agriculture.

Joining the Innovative Agronomy Team within the Enterprise Resilience Group in the Systems Program, you will conduct on-farm agronomic experimentation in southern Australia to investigate the impacts of innovative crop management strategies to improve productivity and input-use efficiency.  As well as involvement in the conception, design and conduct of field-based systems experiments, a specific role for the new appointment will be to organise, maintain, analyse and interrogate large data sets arising from the field experiments including simulated data and digital data from drones, satellites and other sensor platforms.  Existing systems experiments on commercial farms and at CSIROs new Boorowa Agricultural Research Station (BARS) will be an initial focus, while new experiments involving emerging technologies in soil and crop sensing, digital platforms and farming systems simulation will be encouraged. The position offers a unique opportunity to develop a national profile and reputation; and to become a future leader of R&D in the area of modern, digitally enabled farming systems agronomy and analysis.

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